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About Us

Our Company   Tradition with a Look into the Future

The Masetti Nurseries are located in the heart of the Pistoia district, often considered the "Green Capital" of this territory, where the company has its origins. We are a family businnes in the forefront of growing techniques.


With a well-developed logistics we are able to meet the needs of both large retailers and single customers who wish to decorate their gardens with one of our Bonsai.

Ilex Crenata   Our Flagship

Over the years we have developed different species within the family of ilex crenata:"Kinme", "Green Lustre", "Glory Gem", "Convexa", "Maximowicziana Kanehirae" and the brand new "Luxus ®", the first ilex clay-soil certified.

Topiary Masters

We are also producers of other varieties of plants in many different shapes such as Photinia Red Robin, Taxus, Cerdus, Camelia, Olea Europea, Magnolia and Quercus Suber.

Ilex Crenata Specialists

Vivai Masetti

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